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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to sign up to use your service?

Yes, you have to Register, but it is very easy. You will need to fill out a few fields like your name, email, password, and then you will be able to start using our services immediately from the website.

Can I ask for an image to be done as trial?
What is your turnaround time?
How does it work or where do I start from?
What image format do you accept?

Quality & Satisfaction

Do you care about quality?
What if I am not happy?

Image Upload & Download

How do I upload? Do I need FTP software?
How do I know my photos are ready to download?
How do I download the completed images?
Is it secure when transferring images via clipping path ps's Web Portal?

About Clipping Path PS

Who are you?
Who do you work with?
Where is Clipping Path PS located?


How much do your charge per image?
Can I get a quote and how do I ask for it?
Do you offer volume discounts?

Payments & Billing

How do you accept payment?
Is it possible to pay by bank wire?
What are your payment terms?
Can you add my VAT ID to invoices?

I have another question to ask!

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