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Image Manipulation

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There is a saying Images talk. Images can convey information of thousand words very quickly. It depends on the user to determine what kind of information he/she wants to convey.

Image Manipulation is a process to change an image to make more attractive or give a completely different view from the original one. When you have a mannequin or person in an image, you will be able to remove them without ruining the product itself. The name for this type of service is neck-joint.

This is a great way to put the focus on the product itself. Because customers tend to see themselves in the product they are thinking of obtaining, if a different person is posing in the same product it takes them out of the product itself.

Business need to show the product and neat and as clean as possible for e-store. If distracting backgrounds, objects, shades are present in their product images, it fails to convey the details of the products to the customers. The perfection of the product gets lost also during photograph when it gets underexposed, overexposed or imperfectly composed while photographing. A visitor tends to skip those products. Image manipulation is one of the best technique to remove this kinds of flaws.

Using neck-joint popular online stores are show casing the clothes themselves without the distraction of the mannequins. Thus the customer is able to focus on the detail of the product without the distraction of the model and unwanted objects.

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