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Photo Manipulation Services

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Image Cut Out
Clipping Path - Image Cut Out
Multi-Clipping Path
Color / Multi-Clipping Path
Clipping Path with White Background
Clipping Path with White Background

Image Manipulation - Neck Joint - Ghost Mannequin - Object Removal

Photo Manipulation involves a numerous techniques that convert an ordinary image into something eye-popping and professional. Among the most selling services at Clipping Path PS, Photo Manipulation services are bringing us plenty of business. You no more have to put yourself in jeopardy as we are here to offload your worries and best utilize the chance to benefit you. The process of Photo Manipulation includes clustering together elements from different sources and creating a perfect end product. It is more like image composition or combining images together to get one final product which clearly express the purpose or actual scenario of those pictures.

E-commerce Retailers Need Ghost Mannequin and Cropping - Resizing Services

It has been very competitive nowadays to sell products online whether via your own online shop/ecommerce website or giant marketplace like Amazon, ebay, Google Shopping, Rakuten, Poshmark, etc. Every seller are exposing their products with its features and nicely photographed and edited photos of products. If you are thinking of enhancing your product images to increase sales, you are in the right place at the right time, Clipping Path PS at this point to help you and available at your service. For example, if you send us images of t-shirts or others clothing (front & inside back / collar) wearing on a mannequin or human body where you wish to change background, remove the mannequin or any unwanted objects and joint the neck part can be done through manipulation of images which we called ghost mannequin service. Your image will look like it is worn without keeping the mannequin or body part. Often times, images need to be resized and cropped to fit on your ecommerce websites (online stores). As we apply our art on the image, we come up with something seamless and unique.


More About Image Manipulation

We have detailed our service menu with all the image manipulation services. The list includes: adding multiple effects, change lighting effects, add elements, removing spots, removing unwanted object in an image, watermarks, etc. For example, you want to omit a model from the image and add the object on wallpaper or some background; it can easily be done with the help of Photo Manipulation techniques. We have an artistic team with professional sense of creativity to deliver best results for you. We believe in manipulating imagery and by applying our art, we change it into something highly authentic and pleasing to eyes.

Image Manipulation techniques are different from the other graphic designing techniques. It not only requires technical knowledge but also need creativity skills to create a masterpiece. We pursue step by step approach. First we acknowledge the needs of our client and try to understand their perspective. Then our highly diligent team creates an illustration of the requirements and work as per commanded. Every type of Image manipulation tasks is done in software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Businesses Need Image Manipulation Services

Exampling some of the business ventures that we offer our Photo Manipulation services are set forth: Journalism Media, Glam Industry, E-Commerce Industry, Magazine catalogues, Advertising Agencies, etc. We create epic images that are hard to miss by any viewer. We only hire highly professional and experienced people to get associated with our brand in order to ensure most phenomenal performance. Goodwill is hard to create and easy to raze, so we value the reliance that our clients have on Clipping Path PS and make-certain to take best possible steps to maintain the momentum.

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Image Cut Out
Clipping Path - Image Cut Out
Multi-Clipping Path
Color / Multi-Clipping Path
Clipping Path with White Background
Clipping Path with White Background

100% Hand Made Cut Out / Deep Etch / Contour / Clipping Path Service

In the count of most flourishing and resourceful online portals for designing purposes, Cut Out Image is ranked among the top notch companies. Although, we have mastered in every niche of our offerings, yet you can look ahead to some of the exceptional work in Clipping Path and Cutting out an Image. Given the phenomenal accomplishment of e-commerce industry and its ever-emerging needs in product photography, Clipping Path services and background removing services are something that comes in routine use. It is simply eradicating object from a background with the help of various Photoshop tools. It is more like cutting an image from a newspaper or a magazine.

A bit more about Removing the Background / Clipping Path Service

All the unwanted stuff in the image can easily be removed from the background using Clipping Path Techniques in Photoshop. These techniques are also referred as “Closed Vector Path” or “Shape”. We acknowledge the needs of the clients and try our best in putting on the best show. Irrespective of the complexity of task, we ensure to deliver you most satisfying results.

We engage tools in manipulating the picture according to its requirements. Our team of experts spends time in understanding the right tool to use and the strategy to be followed to generate adept results on your images. At a basic level, we use pen tool in outlining the object that is to be omitted. However, Clipping Path, Cut Out or Deep Etch can also come in use for other purposes such as: Manipulating Image Shape, Editing or Isolating Desired portion of the image, remove the background of an image, adding eye catching shadow under an object, creating a collage by using multiple images etc.

Cut Out Image process on the agenda of delivering excellence every time you rely on us. For all kind of image manipulation and editing services, you can depend on our expert team. We put forward many other techniques that help in generating desired results but we highly believe in using tools that befits the requirement of image completely. Our team comprise of most diligent and versatile designers in the industry that have the tendency to create most accomplished and apt results. We also provide you spontaneous feedback for your enquiries as we highly value your time.

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