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Vector Conversion

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While traditional raster files are defined by series of pixels, vector files are defined by mathematical instruction on x- and y- axis positions. Meaning you will lose quality while zooming traditional raster file but just like how multiplication will give you bigger number vector image will not lose quality while zooming.

The value of a Vector Image boils down to two parts: flexibility and scalability. Vector Images are flexible because they can be output to just about any common Raster image format (jpg, png, gif, tiff, etc.). Vector Images are also scalable in size allowing them to be enlarged to fit the side of a blimp or reduced to the size of a business card without jeopardizing quality.

Unlike traditional raster file vector image enables you to add the choice of your colour to the image. And tweak even the tiniest bit of details.

The traditional low resolution images are as crisp or as clear while they are still usable they are not as clear and you can’t enjoy the image as much as you want. While it may affect the quality of the product of services, but it effects the view of the business.

Vector illustration makes your business look more professional. With a clear image as the face of your business people will also see your business in a high position. People will only see the business that you define by making it look good to the people. And it will give you a huge boost.

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